Dave’s Falls - A chute of water

Small but narrow flows between two rock faces

Dave's Falls is located in Marinette County Park near Amberg. It is a small but narrow falls that flows between two rock faces. The falls pump a significant volume of water through a narrow chute. Park officials have left the environment alone. There are no fences or guardrails. Visitors can roam around the rocks to get a variety of views.

The falls are just 70 miles north of Green Bay off Hwy 141, a fun place to visit. It was named after Dave Frechette, a river crew boss who lost to the river while trying to free a log jam in 1881. It is located in a county park about a mile south of Amberg. The falls occur over a ten-foot drop in the Pike River, a tributary of the Menominee River, which meets northeast of the Village of Wausaukee. The Menominee River flows into Lake Michigan.

There's a short trail to the falls.

The trail takes you through some fabulous lush vegetation. You can hear and see parts of the falls from the trail. 

Well, I came all this way, and will this be my best view of the falls? You can see it through the trees.

I walked closer to the edge and got a slightly better view. But this is not going to do it, people.

I was lucky the day I was there because I spotted a guy fishing from the rocks next to the water. I looked around a bit and spotted this used path heading down. So I took it.

To get excellent looks at the falls, however, you'll need to do just a bit of "rock walking;" step up and down on small sections of rock. I'm in my 70s and was able to do it.

This was one of my first views. The objective is to get over to those rocks in the foreground to see the falls.

Understanding my laziness, It was easier to swivel just a bit to the right from my previous position and get this shot. This area is known as the lower falls.

And just a tad more swivel to the right to get this one.

And then, quite naturally, given I am a chicken, turn to the right to see downstream.

Well, the time has come to put up or shut up and do some "rock stepping."

Much better. Those are the upper falls. But this still is not going to do it. I have to get on top of those rocks in front of me. It did not look that hard to do as there are smaller rocks on which you can step up. My only concern was my camera, my expensive camera. Slipping is one thing. But falling and crashing my camera is quite another. So I strapped her around me, and up I went. I know I'm making this sound like climbing Mount Everest, but I was having fun.

I’m getting closer. I've got the side of the water flowing through the chute. Not yet good enough.

This is as close as I got. Had I been younger and more agile, I could have gotten closer. I decided this was good enough. Beautiful! The real trick is to get to the other side, where it's relatively flat.

On my way out, I saw some excellent scenery heavy with moss. My wife loves moss, so I took a few shots. They follow:

The Pike River emerges just a bit to the northwest of Amberg after being fed by two Pike River Branches, the North and South. It is about 15 miles long, flowing east, south, and east again until it feeds into the Menominee River. The Menominee River is in both Northeastern Wisconsin and northwestern Michigan. It rises near Michigamme Lake after being fed by the Brule River and Michigamme Rivers, both of which are tributaries of the Menominee River. It is about 116 miles long and drains a massive rural forested area. It then empties into Lake Michigan at Marinette City.