Fun Farm Friends - White Park


I was riding along on CH F heading toward Hwy 10 southeast of Durand, and I saw this group of cows. I noticed two of them were 100 percent white. That startled me. I hurried to get a photo of them. They were in a mix of what looked like Holstein-Friesen and Angus beef cattle.

The American White Park is a large breed, white with black or red points on the ears, nose, and eyes. I have learned they are usually selected as a beef breed. There is debate as to their origin, whether British White or Angus. It is comparable in size to the Angus.

It is a hearty breed, weighing from 1,000 to 1,500 lbs. They produce quality meat with very good marbling.

It is not clear from where this breed came. This breed can be used for dairy though I have read in Agri-Farming that their milk production is not suitable for commercial purposes.