Wisconsin Towns and Places


Downsville is an unincorporated census-designated place in the Town of Dunn, Dunn County.  This is a place you want to visit if you want to enjoy something small, quaint, and interesting. It is on the banks of the Red Cedar River. The Red Cedar State Trail comes right into town. This is a fascinating place to visit.

There’s more to Downsville than one might notice at first.

Start at the Scatterbrain Cafe!

Scatterbrain is a marvelous place to visit. Enjoy some coffee, some baked goods, and if there for lunch, some great food. Plus there’s a lot of neat things to buy.

The historic and charming Creamery Inn is here, originally built in 1904.  it operated as a cooperative creamery for the first 50 years. In the 80’s, the building was completely renovated and operated as a restaurant and guest-rooms for 25-plus years. The building currently has five guest-rooms (studio apartments) on the second floor that are available for month to month rent.

Adjacent to the creamery is the Wood and Ridge Retreat. It was built in 1998 as an addition to the Creamery Restaurant and Bar. The retreat offers women the opportunity to rest, use workshops to create things like scrapbooks and quilts, hike in the woods, eat local foods, and enjoy the summer gardens. 

While visiting Downsville, the Historic Downsville School house, Built in 1895, popped Up. It turns out this is now the home of John Thomas and Kathy Ruggles. This is an octagonal , one room building. It is apparently the only known octagonal schoolhouse in the state.

John is a Potter. He and Kathy operate Simply Dunn-Dunn County Pottery. The business offers new pottery intended for daily household use:. Its pottery is exquisitely crafted from stoneware clays, glazed, and fired in a wood or gas kiln for a warm and varied effect.

John learned a lot about pottery in an apprenticeship in Japan. For his part, John has quite a history in Downsville, a delightful man with whom to speak.

Downsville, for its small size, is filled with fun places to visit. Its Community Museum with the old post office parked next to it is a worthwhile stop.  It is recording, preserving and promoting the history of the community and provides educational programs and opportunities. It is owned blu the community, purchased in 2015 from the Empire in Pine building, also known as the Oddfellows Hall.

Of course, if you would like a drink and/or a pizza, visit Cubby’s , a cozy place.

Or stop at the Timber Inn, a home town bart and grill boasting great steaks and burgers.

the Red Cedar River Trail runs 14.5 miles from Menomonie to the north, running southward through Irvington, Downsville and the Dunville State Wildlife Area, connecting with the Chippewa State Trail  This shows a portion of the trail in the Downsville. area.

The trail is built on the former corridor of the Red Cedar Junction railway, which served Knapp, Stout & Co. in the 1880s—then the world’s largest timber producer.

This provides a glimpse of the Red Cedar River running by Downsville.