Wisconsin - Old Time Schoolhouses

Elm School

The History of Taylor in Jackson County tells us about the Elm School. It was opened in 1891 and closed in 1900. Most of the students were absorbed into the Hilton school district to the east.

We do not know much about this school except to say that its was one of the better facilities in the area, a beautiful brick building.

The building remains in its original location on Hwy 95 between Taylor and Hilton. It is now used as the Town Hall of Curran. I suspect it has been renovated

As an aside, Erin Roseth, writing for The Department of History, UW Eau Claire, addressed the impacts of rural school consolidation in Black River Falls, which is in Jackson County.  She writes about the demise of the Hixton School, which had been a neighborhood school for 80 years.

Resident concerns centered on how students sense of community and the local economy would be affected. They worried the students would lose their sense of identity and heritage.

The problem for school administrators was that the school house in Hilton was in need of costly repairs and was experiencing decreasing enrollment.

I commend her paper to you.