Wisconsin Towns and Places


Niagara is a small city in Marinette County, on the Menominee river, and on the borders with Iron Mountain, Michigan. The city sees itself as “The City of Scenic Beauty.” The region surrounding Niagara certainly is beautiful, and there are many things to see and do outside the city.  That said, there is not much there in the city center itself other than viewing the Menominee River and the bluffs on the Michigan side. Fumee Falls in Quinnesec, MI across the river is also a favorite spot.

I spent most of my time on Hwy 141 Main Street-River Street on the east side of the city, along the Menominee River. I had driven from Wausau on what seemed a long drive and confess that I arrived in the city not knowing what spots to be sure to see. I regret that and will go back to get more photos.

The opening photo is of the bluff on the Michigan side of the Menominee River. The river and its surroundings are beautiful.

I did see the Little Quinnesec Falls Flowage but did not get close enough to photograph it. The image above is a snapshot from Google Earth. The flowage comes from the upper left through to the river to the right. I bumped into a group of guys who were going to whitewater raft this area.

This is a larger photo of the hydroelectric project employing the fast moving water.

This an interesting building at 973 Main St. The Wisconsin Historical Society has described it as follows:

“Replaced an older building closer to the mill called the Grandview Hotel. By 1964, the Kimberly-Clark company no longer wished to own the Kimlark Inn and donated it to the Sister Servants of Christ the King for a nursing home and retirement home they called Maryhill Manor. By November of that year, the sisters had converted the old hotel into a nursing home. A local volunteer group was active at the home. By the mid 1980s, the multi-story building no longer efficiently served the needs of a modern nursing home and plans were made for a one-story facility on the northeast side of the community. This facility was completed in 1988. Since that time, the building has been privately owned and used as commercial space. “

As of 2018 it appeared on Google Earth as some kind of location for events.

This building is close by heading east on Main Street. It appears to be or was a business selling kitchens and bathrooms. I am not sure whether it is still in business. The face of the building caught my attention: it was smartly done.

Still on this section of Main Street, you see the Niagara Emporium. It is a large retail store selling antiques.

Now for some fun. I ran across Tinker’s Summer Kitchen at 1317 US-141 heading to the northeast, across from the Best Buy and Coolidge, the other side of the street, on the corner. It is a small sole owner operation.

The retail operation sells home grown vegetables, in the main, sweet corn and fruits.  I was there in November 2020 so it was closed for the season. My bet is it would be fun to visit and buy!