Wisconsin’s Culture - Stone Barn Pizza    

A ”slice of paradise - a pizza slice too!

The Stone Barn is on CH KK in Nelson, Buffalo County, part of Wisconsin history. Today you can sit outside in the Norwegian Valley of Wisconsin’s Western Upland, enjoy artisan wood-fired pizza, eat ice cream, have a drink, and enjoy life!

The barn was built in 1896, part of the largest farm in the Valley, over 1,000 acres. Pam Taylor bought it in 1991 and restored the Victorian brick house and four barns. The old Stone Barn was the last to be restored. It had collapsed in the 1980s, leaving only the fieldstone foundation. Pam decided to maintain the foundation and create what is there today. She and her husband, Dave, operated it as a restaurant.

Matt and Marcy Smith took over ownership in 2016. I stopped at the Stone Barn the other day, and Marcy dished out my ice cream with a huge smile. I sat in awe of my surroundings, those presented by the Smiths, and all God gave.

Buffalo County is a beautiful place to visit. The Bikers seem to know it well. You can find them in summer at the Nelson Creamery and at Stone Barn. Park your car or Hog, and walk up to the building in the background. Put in your order, fill the till, take your number, and go outside and grab a seat.

Matt Smith or one of his troops will cook up your pizza in the wood-fired oven.

The young woman cut up the cooked pizza on the day I visited, and the young man delivered the goods to the table.

The pizza is ultra-thin, and there is a variety of toppings. You can build your own!

The fieldstone foundation of the old barn accentuates the overall setting.

It is delightful to walk around the area and bask in the beauty of all around you.

This gives you a good view of the old Victorian house that Pam Taylor restored.

You can wander around the farm and take it all in. The property comprises 35 acres with a pond, lawn, forest, and rustic outbuildings. This is the wedding barn which was restored in 2015.

There is a store on site. It offers “barntique” from local crafters. Artists and boutiques. Marcy Smith has said,

“I’ve been a school counselor for 10 years. While working in education, it’s become increasingly important for me to support causes close to my heart.”

A visit to the Stone Barn is worth your time. Bring your hunger with you and enjoy the outdoors and the pizza pie!