Wisconsin - Old Time Schoolhouses

Union School

I must say this school has stumped me. I have searched for this school and have not yet confirmed what I am about to convey.

Plum City is in the township of Union. I, therefore, concluded the school was part of that township’s system.

The Free Home Cemetery is in the foreground. It is being used to this day. The wife of the president of the cemetery checked in with her husband, and he confirmed it was a school. The plate above the door says “1896.” The school building is about four miles southeast of Plum City on CH U.

mandate.org has located the Union School (historical). The latitude-longitude coordinates fall right on Free Home Cemetery.

I decided, therefore, that this is the Union School. The plate above the door says “1896.” So I assume that’s when it was built.

That’s the extent of what I have been able to find out. If you have some information on this school, please e-mail me at edmarek@mac.com