Wisconsin’s Culture - Murals Invite You

Public art recreates history, adds vibrancy and color

While driving around the state, You’ll notice murals popping up all over, mostly in towns but also on the sides of barns in rural areas.

These murals in the towns and cities and their traditional downtowns offer a fascinating stroll through their history and culture. They add vibrance to older buildings. They give a city an attractive splash of color. They reflect the love for the outdoors. Murals hold commercial districts together. They lead to civic engagement and social cohesion. Murals become the fabric of a community.

Such murals offer a pleasant alternative to the giant malls outside the old town center.

Morgan McArthur, a community development agent, has said:

“I think it definitely sends a signal. It tells the community and visitors that the lights are on, that we’re not giving up.”

Who paints these murals? Well, they advertise themselves as “A different breed of people.” They are known as “The Walldogs,”  a group of highly skilled sign painters and mural artists from all over the globe. The Walldogs tell you:

“The Walldog Movement is quickly gaining popularity and is a great way for small towns to boost their tourism. Imagine a ‘pack’ of talented artists descending upon your town to paint the most beautiful murals you can imagine. Every wall that a fellow Walldog touches springs to life with images of local places, people, and products that have historic significance to each town.

“There are a few ways to invite the Walldogs to your community. One way is to host a ‘Walldog Festival,’ and the other is to commission Walldog Artists to paint one or more murals.  

To learn more, visit their website.