“Wisconsin’s Lost Towns,” Rhonda Fochs

Big Flats

Big Flats, on Highway 13, intersecting CH C north of Cottonville. It was once called  Brownsville. It was founded in 1862. The town suffered from multiple fires, which burned over the land. It turns out blueberries thrive in such an environment. They were transported to Grand Rapids, Wisconsin for further transport.

The town  suffered from a killer tornado in 1992  and did not recover.

When I visited, I was surprised to see a fairly new building hosting the town hall and fire department.

There are a few businesses in town, but most of what I saw were farm land and mobile homes.

I noted a photo in Ms. Fochs’ book showing some people standing on a large group of rocks, fairly high off the ground. I couldn’t figure that out since the land was quite flat.

I asked around, and was pointed to Rabbit Rock Park. Unfortunately it was closed because it was winter.