Wisconsin - Old Time Schoolhouses

Dancy Public School    

The Dancy Public School in the town of Knowlton, Marathon County, was built in 1909. The square cupola is off, but the nameplate remains.

Dancy is located off Hwy 34 on Alternberg Rd, in the southwest corner of the better-known town of Knowlton, Marathon County. The school is on CH C northeast of Dancy.

In her book, “Wisconsin’s Lost Towns,” Rhonda Fuchs lists Dancy as a lost town. She wrote, The town had a “boarding house, a dance hall, a sawmill, and a school.”

Ms. Fuchs wrote the book as a means of bringing lost towns back to life, noting,

“Each and every one is special, as were the people who lived there and brought them to life. By sharing their stories, we keep the people and the towns alive.”

On that note, I found this photo on the website of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. It was taken in 1912.

I have a special section on this website devoted to my visits to those towns described by Ms. Fuchs as lost. I had a great visit to Dancy.  You might wish to take a look at what I saw.