Fun Farm Friends - Donkeys

The donkey is an amazing animal. Meet Henry. He thinks he’s amazing to be sure. He knows he’s smart, adaptable, gentle, loyal, and affectionate. Speaking for himself of course, He feels he is one good lookin’ dude.

Honestly, from this angle, I cannot tell whether Henry is really a Matilda, a girl. The boy is called a jack, while the girl is known as the jenny.

One more point. A donkey is born when a male and female donkey mate. A mule is born when a female horse and male donkey mate.  A hinnie is the offspring of a male horse and female donkey.

Donkeys are increasingly seen as great pasture animals, protective of other animals in the field. They are super to ride on the trails, especially more difficult ones.  They will also pull your carts and cargo. Believe it or not, the females also produce milk which can be used in dairy products, medicines and cosmetics.

And, if you were to get one or more, you would find you’ll fall in love with them. In fact, some get donkeys to work, then become so enamored with them they use them for companionship!

These two are interesting. Note one has shorter hair than the other. Generally speaking, people do not mess with a donkeys hair too much. Their coats do not change very much through the seasons.

Their natural coats protect them for multiple reasons, one of which iOS to regulate body temperature. As a result, people do not normally clip them a lot. Sometimes their hair grows too long on their belly and gets matted. Then the hair clips may have to come into the picture.