Wisconsin’s Culture - Elmaro Vineyard

Your Napa Valley close to home!

I was goofing around in the area of the Trempealeau National Wildlife Refuge. I got on Delaney Road which ran north of West Prairie Rd. My target was to get back to Hwy 35, the Great River Road. It was March 2022. It was cold, as March can be in Wisconsin.

To my amazement, I saw this beautiful structure off to my right. Of course I wondered what that could be. I could see there was a vineyard here, so I drove in, and got out my car.

The first thing I noted was that people were sitting outside zipping their wine, sitting around a fire pit! I’ll repeat: It was cold! But there they were, sitting around the fire. I had an hour’s drive ahead of me or I would have had a few sips myself.

I thought, you simply have got to love these Wisconsonians. Give them some sun and they’ll sit outside and drink some wine no matter how cold it is.

This is the home of the Elmaro Vineyard. The owners tell us,

“The white pine that’s featured on our label has been on the property about twice as long as our family. The vineyard site was homesteaded in the 1850s, and the Elmaro tree is estimated at being 300 years old. The lone white pine towers over the surroundings as a symbol of stability and determination.”

This is a family-owned business. The family planted its first vines in 2006. The family has a special interest in “sharing our experience and love of grapes with all that visit.” That explains people sitting outside in the sun around a fire pit!

I can imagine what this vineyard looks like with a full crop of grapes. Not only will I be sitting outside, but I’ll be in the midst of a large vineyard.

I love Trempealeau County and the Mighty Mississippi River, so I’ll be sure to return this season and get some more photography in this section!

I’ve noticed the vineyard hosts Yoga and brunch, music, social hours, readings by authors, and street markets. What fun!