Wisconsin’s Culture - Fire & EMS Memorial

A special breed - We honor them

The Wisconsin State Firefighters Memorial is located on the Wisconsin River, on the south side of Wisconsin Rapids,  in Hanson Park, just off Hwy 73 between Wisconsin Rapids and Port Edwards:

"The vision was to create a park with a natural and scenic setting to house a memorial to our firefighting heroes from across this great State of Wisconsin. The serenity of the setting allows park visitors to be alone with their thoughts and emotions and at the same time realize that their loves one will never be forgotten."

Mission accomplished.

Firefighters see their profession as a duty, a calling. For many, they've had no other ambition. They live in our communities. Some are paid. Some are not. Their job is to serve, their community, and any other that may need them. On their way to a call, they think about saving lives, saving property, protecting their community, any way they can. They are united in a brotherhood. Theirs is a dangerous profession.