Flooding in western Wisconsin - 2023

I have lived in Eau Claire for three years. My apartment overlooks the Chippewa River. Old-timers tell me this river floods almost every year. This year, 2023, has been no exception. This has been the most flooding I have seen in my three years; not catastrophic, but the water levels have been over flood stage, here and elsewhere.

I decided to head out and see what I could see about the flooding of the Chippewa River and the Mississippi in and around the village of Trempealeau. I took some photos.  seldom see flooding. It mesmerized me.

Lower Chippewa Natural Area


Trempealeau Area - The Mighty Mississippi has spoken

Stockholm on the Mississippi

Pepin by Lake Pepin on the Mississippi

Awe man, this is The Pickle Restaurant, in a pickle to be sure

Prescott, where the St. Croix meets the Mississippi

There is a porch and metal fence on a home under there!