Wisconsin - Old Time Schoolhouses

Maiden Rock School    

Gary and Jennifer Peterson have written, “The Maiden Rock Schook was built in 1906 and was the third schoolhouse to be constructed on this piece of property.” The Petersons have converted it into the Maiden Rock Inn.

The school had a great location, up against a bluff and only two blocks from Lake Pepin, which is part of the Mississippi River.

The Story of Pierce County by Allen P. Weld notes that J.D. Trumbull surveyed and laid out the  Village of Maiden Rock in 1857. A schoolhouse “of moderate dimensions” was erected in 1858. Trumbull paid the teacher, Miss Charlotte Isabelle, from his own money since taxes had not yet been collected. It served as a school and church.

The history points out that “Early settlers deserve great credit for the energy they displayed in early establishing schools, and for their good sense in creating small and convenient school districts. The history talks of “churches and school houses, twin sisters of civilization.”