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Jennifer Nery’s Antique Road show

in late May, when the Wisconsin spring was so spectacular, I went on a true "get lost ride" and ended up in Forest County east northeast of Rhinelander. While driving along Hwy 32, close to CH NN, I spotted something I had never seen before.

As I'm singing along with my iPod, all windows open, sun shining, wind blowing in my face, what do I see but what at first looked like a junk yard. I passed it by, but as what I had seen started to lock in to my brain, I said to myself, "Self, that's no average junk yard. You'd better turn back and take another look." Boy am I glad I did.

I had come upon The Nery Farm of Hiles, Wisconsin, home to, among other things, Jennifer Nery's Antique Road Show.

I took a bunch of photos and want to show them to you, and then challenge you. Try to spot in each photo how many antique things you see. Have some fun. I did. Thanks Jennifer. Here we go!