Wisconsin - Old Time Schoolhouses

Plainview Elementary

The Plainview Elementary School in Albion, Trempealeau County, was built circa 1918-1919, replacing a tiny wooden schoolhouse about a mile down the road on CH Y. It is on CH West of Hwy 93 and a tad south of Schmidt Rd.

In looking at data provided by the Trempealeau Historical Society, it appears the wooden school began operations in 1888.

The newer brick one-room school closed operations in 1962, transporting children to the Eleva Village for grades K-6 and Eleva-Strum Central Highschool for those grades. Interestingly, male teachers always taught in the fall “as that was when the  older boys attended.”

Male teachers must have been needed to hold the lads in check!

In 1889, Matilda Kjorsland was the teacher and was paid $25 per month. Irene Russeling was paid $43 per month in 1915. There were 49 students enrolled during the period 1926-1930.

A lady living in the area informed me that this is the tiny wooden schoolhouse down the road on CHY that preceded the Plainview Elementary School built circa 1918-1919. It is on the property of a residence and most certainly is tiny and wooden.