Fun Farm Friends - Highland


The Scottish Highland breed is rustic and hearty, having originated under often harsh conditions in the Scottish Highlands and Western Islands of Scotland. It is a traditional breed in Scotland. It is the oldest registered breed. The first herd was established in 1884. They like the climate in Wisconsin. The opening photo is of a fellow I call Charlie. I found him near Modena.

As you can see, they have long hair, in this case, long, dirty hair, which is one of the breed’s few negatives.

They get along with snow and cold weather. They are even-tempered and often seen as docile. I call this guy Steven.

Steve was hanging out with a herd of Scottish Highland Cattle in Langlade County, most feeding their faces with forage.

Its meat is lean and lower in cholesterol. In the UK, it is considered among the finest beef selections.

I like this photo because it highlights the Kyloe type of Highland cow, usually bred in the Hebrides or Western Islands of Scotland. That’s Jerry on the left, busy eating!