Wisconsin’s Culture - Stockholm Art Fair 47th Grand Summertime tradition

The village of Stockholm held its 47th Art Fair on July 17, 2021, following a year off as the result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Stockholm is a tiny village located on Lake Pepin, with less than 100 residents. Lake Pepin is a naturally occurring lake located in a valley formed  by the backup of water behind sedimentary deposits of the Chippewa River's delta. It is part of the Mississippi River.

The village formed in 1856 and grew to some 280 residents, connected to commercial centers by the Mississippi and a railroad. It almost died off after WWII. However, artists and people from urban centers began drifting into town followed by engaging entrepreneurs who refurbished old buildings and turned the small village into a unique merchant center.

I attended the village’s 47th Art Fair. The organizers expected about 6,000 visitors. I think they might have achieved or surpassed that. There certainly were a lot of people there! 

Here are photos showing some of what I saw.