Timm’s Hill and Bass Lake

This is a view of Timm’s Hill from High Point Village and Bass Lake. Look closely, and you’ll see the tower.

When I think of Timm’s Hill, I automatically think of Bass Lake and High Point Village.  They are both near the town of Ogema, another neat place in my book.

High Point Village is located on Timms Hill National Trail at the edge of Bass Lake, which connects to the Ice Age Trail.  It also includes Timms Hill, the highest point in Wisconsin.

I fear I am a victim of living in Wausau for so many years and seeing and visiting Rib Mountain. Rib Mountain, a ridge, is the fourth highest point in Wisconsin at 1,924 ft. above sea level. TimM’s Hill, a thick accumulation of glacial debris, is 1,952 ft. above sea level.

I confess my first trip to TiMm’s Hill was a disappointment. I expected a towering mountain to stand out in Price County. I did not see that when I got there. I could barely see its “peak.” Timm’s Hill is only 140 ft. above the parking lot that serves it. Rib Mountain, on the other hand, stands out because it is 670 feet higher than any other hill in the state and its near environs.

Enough of all that. This is a spectacular area of the state. I’ll walk you around Timm’s near environs. There she is with Bass Lake down below.

There is a fabulous trail around Bass Lake.

Let’s take a peak during winter.

And finally, a quick look at High Point Village