Wisconsin Towns and Places

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“Imagine an American landscape devoid of Wal-Marts and Rite-Aids; where there's nary a McDonald's or Starbucks to be found — in fact, where there are no chain restaurants or chain stores of any kind.

“Now imagine that in place of these corporate giants, local produce is bought from outdoor markets, coffee is roasted and served at a local coffee and tea company, and the concept of a (semi) fast-food dinner is an authentic fish boil at a restored post office.”

Patti Nickell, travel writer

Welcome to Wisconsin Towns.

For those who live in cities,  it’s worth your time to get out and leave your city behind you. There is much to be explored.  Many of the smaller communities are quite picturesque, indeed charming, often working hard to preserve their history. scores are on the water, in the hills, the valleys, and the highlands and lowlands, and surrounded by farms and even industry. Many have excellent restaurants, lodging and attractions.

As I travel about the state, I come across what I find to be interesting towns. Perhaps not the most well-known, but fun to visit nonetheless. Here are the ones I’ve photographed thus far, with many more to come.

I have listed them on the menu to the right. Just click on the one you wish to see. Click on as many as you like and enjoy your exploration.

ED Marek, editor