Wisconsin - Old Time Schoolhouses

Waste Valley School

The Waste Valley School was built in 1898. It was moved to the Mondovi Tourist Park in 1983. The Mondovi Historical Society operates the tourist park. The school now serves as an old-time one-room schoolhouse museum.

L. Kissinger, writing a History of Buffalo County published in 1888, noted Mondovi had “a large and rather stylish frame building.” His history across the board is fascinating. The sections about Education are telling. The Mondovi District had three teachers, though I cannot tell whether they were all

The Waste Valley School District was the only one in Mondovi in 1858.

The Waste Valley in Buffalo County was named after Charles Waste, a pioneer settler in Mondovi, and New England native. He and his family came to the Mondovi area in 1857. The region was said to “wild,” with plentiful hardships.