Wisconsin’s Old-Time Schoolhouses

Brushville District Nr 4, 1875    

Joann Ringelstetter has identified this schoolhouse as the first in Wittenberg, Shawano County, built-in 1882. She has said the community began using it as a town hall in 1920. It even had a jail in the back room.


Nueske’s Applewood Smoked Meat of Wittenberg now has it on its grounds. It has renovated the schoolhouse and uses it as a Schoolhouse Market, a retail store featuring local producers.

Carla Strassburg, a president of the Wittenberg Historical Society, has said the society has found the community once had 57 one-room houses. They were all combined into the Wittenberg-Birnamwood School District. She has commented,

“(Think of) how important people back then thought (the schoolhouse) was. They were willing to put forth effort to make sure students could learn. Families and neighbors would cut firewood; they would help clean with special events; and it puts a light on what’s going on today in education. “