I enjoy building this website but could use some external funds to help pay for it.

Welcome to Wisconsin thru my eyes — the people, the land, the culture. I invite you to browse around, enjoy the photos and content — we are blessed


I wander and roam, then snap it!

This is Wisconsin thru my eyes!

“You can observe a lot just by watching”

Yogi Berra

I love to mosey around Wisconsin in my car, preferably on “get lost rides!” I am inclined to get on a road a good distance from start, then take a road not as wide, then another not as wide as that, until I end up on gravel, dirt, sand and ruts in the “backwater.” I have a compassion for photographing locations about which I know nothing. I amaze myself when I get home — my attraction to those places is often warranted by the history and geography of it all.

I am just now re-creating a web site with my photography of the state which I lost through a catastrophic software crash. I am re-creating this with new software and a whole new burst of imagination.


Dairyland Dispatch

Special Report

Adjust and adapt

Growing a Dairy farm

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