Fun Farm Friends

Meet “Milk-n-More Tequila Naomi,” the 2019 Wisconsin Cow of the year!

Welcome to Fun Farm Friends. The idea here is to have some fun looking at animals found in Wisconsin and pick up a point or two about them and their impact on the state and its people. The intents here are fun and education.

I was surprised by the wide variety of animals that live in Wisconsin. I was even more surprised by the products furnished.

Wisconsin has a variety of habitats, from woodlands, beaches, hills, rivers, wetlands, and lakes. You will see different animals depending on where you go in the state.

The badger is the official animal of the state. Many say the white-tailed deer is the official wildlife animal of the state. While traveling the state, one might believe the cow to be the number one animal.

The Wisconsin Historical Society tells us:

“early miners were either too poor, too busy, or both to build a home on their lead mining claim. Instead, to get through the harsh Wisconsin winters, they lived right in their mines. People mocked them, calling them badgers for living in burrows in the ground like animals.”